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The history of the Anasazi People who once stretched their empire across a large portion of the southwestern United States is shrouded in mystery, but the beauty of their culture continues in the art of the pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona.

Although many of the pueblos are related historically, each pueblo has developed its own artistic style and use of materials derived from the earth, cultivating a distinct reputation and standard of excellence. The Dream Catcher Gallery is proud to represent a wide range of artists, both those established in reputation and those with extremely promising futures. Almost all pieces from the collection are signed by the artist. Many artists featured within the gallery are award winning, represented in the Smithsonian as well as other renown museums.

Most works of art represented here are limited in numbers and as with all hand-crafted works of art, each piece may slightly vary in design and color.

In addition to the fine hand-crafted pieces represented here, the Dream Catcher Gallery has many other unique pieces of art in its collections. If you are looking for a particular pueblo style, Native American tribe, artist, or piece, we are will be glad to attempt to fulfill your requests. Feel free to browse through the following pages and remember to check back frequently as our inventory represented at this site changes often.

The Dream Catcher Gallery is a proud member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA).

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